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Navel Belly Rings
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Surgical Stainless Steel
Jeweled labret, 14 ga
Your Price: $3.49
Jeweled labret, 14 ga
Segment ring, 14 ga
Your Price: $7.99
Segment ring, 14 ga
14 Gauge Internally Threaded Barbell
Your Price: $6.99
14 Gauge Internally Threaded Barbell
Captive bead ring, 18 ga
Your Price: $3.99
Captive bead ring, 18 ga
Captive bead ring, 12 ga
Your Price: $3.99
Captive bead ring, 12 ga

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Body Piercing Jewelry

Nowadays, body piercing is one of the best ways to change your appearance to the better. It does not matter are you male or female, but from a large variety of types of piercing, you will find suitable one. For example Lip piercing help emphasize the sensuality and natural beauty of your lips. In today's Ear Piercing the most fantastic shapes, colors and sizes of jewelry are welcome. Eyebrow piercing is forcing people to take a fresh look at your eyes and face. But Tongue piercing looks very spicy and unusual. Nose piercing and Navel Piercing add to the appearance of yours a piece of savagery and naturalness. And Private Parts or Nipple piercing is the choice of brave and sexual people trying to diversify their lives.

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Belly Button Rings, Navel Rings, Belly Bananas
Belly Button Rings
Pinchers, Buffalos, Ear Piercing Jewelry
Buffalos / Pinchers
Captive Bead Rings, CBRs, BCRs, Ball Closure Rings
Captive Bead Rings
Circular Barbells
Circular Barbells
Curved Barbells
Curved Barbells
Ear studs
Ear Studs
Internally Threaded Jewelry
Internally Threaded Jewelry
Large gauge
Large gauge
Monroe piercing, Madonna piercing, Beauty Spot, Labrets
Nipple Rings and Shields, Nipple Stars
Nipple Rings & Shields
Nose Studs & Screws
Nose Studs & Screws
Piercing Plugs
Piercing Retainers
Spiral Barbells
Spiral Barbells
Straight Barbells
Straight Barbells
Piercing Tapers
Flesh Tunnels and Plugs
Tusks, Crescents, Ear Piercing Jewelry
Tusks / Crescents
Piercing Jewelry
 Belly Button Rings  Buffalos / Pinchers  Captive Bead Rings
 Circular Barbells  Curved Barbells  Ear Studs
 Internally Threaded Jewelry  Large gauge  Monroe
 Nipple Rings & Shields  Nose Studs & Screws  Plugs
 Retainers  Spiral Barbells  Straight Barbells
 Talons  Tapers  Tunnels
 Tusks / Crescents

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